Holiday Eating


The holiday season is upon us! From Thanksgiving feasts to Christmas cookie exchanges, and if you are part of a Mexican family like me – warm arroz con leche and Mexican pastries, to name just a few, are one of the wonderful ways to celebrate my favorite time of year. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it combines 2 of my most important passions – eating delicious food and family! Yes in that order (just kidding). Pair these two come November and I have a problem. Loving delicious food as much as I do year-round can be challenge for one’s self-control skills, but it is especially hard during a season that includes so many opportunities to gather around the table with those we cherish most. It becomes easier to have one too many servings of your favorite cheesy mashed potato or pumpkin pie.

So how do we survive without starting the New Year with an additional 25 pounds of holiday baggage? Is it possible to even enjoy the holiday season while being mindful of what we are putting in our bodies? I am here to tell you – YES, it is!

Here is how you do it: Having your very own support system is crucial to your success in getting through Thanksgiving and Christmas without feeling the guilt in your waistline. Your support group will not only keep you in check when it comes to meal time, but they will also encourage you to remain positive even when you want to give up and overdose on Christmas cookies. A support group creates a form of accountability. Remember – it’s all about balance. It’s okay to enjoy yourself, just make sure you’re not overdoing it.


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